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This day and age, there is a plethora of undiscovered talent waiting to be exposed, but without proper execution, most of this talent is sadly tossed aside, never to be developed to full potential. At OWABM Media, we believe in seeking out the talents of those waiting to make a name for themselves. OWABM is simply an acronym for "Oh, what a beautiful morning." With the light of the morning many things become visible, where they once were hidden behind the veil of night. Here at OWABM, we see ourselves as that ray of morning light shed upon the talent in hopes that it may be revealed. With the combination of our personable staff along with our arsenal of professional grade audio and graphic design equipment, we provide high quality services for clients who do not otherwise have the means to carry out what they want to produce. We offer services such as album art, studio quality recording and mixing, merchandise design as well as photography sessions. Prices vary depending on circumstances, however we do offer bundle deals and free estimates. OWABM Media plans to put Birmingham, Alabama back on the map.